Management Philosophy

Vision                                           Our vision is to best service & market the highest quality products in the field of LED lighting business, 
                                                  create value for our customers through our services and ensure they succeed in their business.
                                                  Use our expertise to create products of superior quality, safety and environmental care for demanding customers.
                                                  Work with all our energy, passion & efforts to fulfill all the needs of our customers.

Quality Factor

FLUXLITE as technology inventor by our own, we have already established our product quality by getting awarded of various orders worldwide including Europe, Africa, China, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Middle east countries, India and South Korea, apart from national and international quality certification.
Fluxlite is a luxury lighting for strict quality of lighting. To this end, we thoroughly manage light spreading, light intensity, and even small things. 

Technology Factor

 The Smart Lighting systems - a global toward LED lighting market
The smart lighting system is one of the most advanced lighting technologies and energy management systems in today's lighting market. Sensors and automated control functions are built into every luminaire of the smart lighting system to monitor and react to occupancy, pre-selected light levels, and changes in ambient daylight levels.

FLUXLITE is one step ahead, introducing smart lighting systems, powered by LED lighting, at right time to avail such lucrative opportunities of energy saving and energy efficient LED applications for both commercial and industrial purposes, that drive your business growth with us.

Cost Factor

JAN 2020, FLUXLITE have established its world class large scale manufacturing setup in India, by using our own innovative LED technology and cost effective components importing from Korea, to compete with Chinese pricing, whilst quality just not be questioned.

   Internet of Things (IoT) is now an integral part of FLUXLITE LED lighting solutions to collect data and record using patterns to create better lighting experience for end users. In FLUXLITE smart lighting system, the lighting can be automatically switched on/off, or lower its intensity, thereby achieving high energy savings. Our iMCU technology can set lighting schedules and control the brightness and color temperature of the LED lights with the help of remote control and automation technologies (CCMS & Remote Sensing).

Our R&D cell is under process to introduce human centric lighting solutions. Human centric lighting can adapt its light color and intensity throughout the course of a day to create a circadian friendly lighting sequency, thus, improving the mood and increasing the productivity of an individual.